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  1. malton-food-lovers-festival-logo

    Well what a start to the Malton Food Festival, torrential rain! What a disaster, however someone somewhere must have known we were on our way because as soon as we arrived in Malton the rain cleared and it turned into a pleasant day.

    My friend Tom and I were booked on to a cookery lesson with Steph Moon (from the Great British Menu) at 12pm in the main cooking tent so we had just enough time to have a quick look around the festival before donning our aprons in front of an audience to take part in a cookery lesson!

    The festival really was a sight to behold; the pretty town of Malton was transformed into a hive of activities, rows upon rows of stalls selling delicious tempting treats, ranging from fresh sausages and burgers, to American cookies, stuffed olives, chilli jams and so much more! There was an atmosphere of excitement, a real market and every stall was surrounded by handfuls of people trying to get a glimpse of the sumptuous offerings to be had.

    malton food festival1

    We even happened across a stall that had live crabs and lobsters to show the children (don’t worry the crabs had their claws tied to make sure they behaved themselves) and the children were fascinated and even adults could be seen having a little stroke of the crabs to say hello!

    It soon became time for us to have our cookery lesson, originally we were slightly apprehensive but we had no need to be, we were put at ease immediately by the helpers, we washed our hands, chose a work station and waited to begin, Steph was incredibly friendly and immediately very likable, chatting to all of us, making sure we were able to follow the instructions, we all made a strawberry and Rhubarb Roulade, something I personally had never made before. There was a lot of hard work involved whipping the egg whites to make the meringue base! As the lesson began more and more people joined the tent and soon there was a rather large audience watching us cook. I took my time ensuring I had done everything as instructed, terrified I would mess it up in front of all these people! Im pleased to say my roulade turned out totally perfect, delicious, presented fantastically and we got to take them home too! All this for just £15, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and something I would definitely do again!



    We then went to Malton Relish for a pot of tea and some chilli chocolates (yummy!) and then we began the Malton Food Trial (£6 for 2 people, 10 places to visit all offering a little treat in each one) some of the offerings were better than others and the cinema offer wasn’t working which was a little disappointing. However we did get some delicious Thai food to sample, which saved us buying lunch.

    In fact we enjoyed the festival so much we went back on Sunday to buy some yummy treats that we hadn’t bought on the Saturday!

    A fabulous time was had by all and another brilliant day out in Yorkshire.

  2. Bedale Funding – How do you think it should be spent?

    Bedale Online have recently been asked by Bedale Town Council to share the following with all of you in the hope that you may be able to give them some valuable insight on where you think public funding should be spent within Bedale under the sector “Public open space, sport and recreation”.

    They have sent me a document which outlines the proposals as drawn together by Hambleton District Council and supported by Bedale Town Council with input from other organisations including Bedale Town Council, Bedale and Villages community forum and others. It shows their priority for the funding, however are their views also your views? We want and need your comments on this! If you want to have something in Bedale improved you need to tell the council what needs doing. If you feel that the funding is going towards something that isn’t worthy, now is the time to voice your opinions on where it should go.

    I am very much looking forwards to hearing your views & I hope it has an impact on what happens to our area.

    The following are set out in order of priority as voted for by the council, number one being the first priority for public spending and so on….

    • 1. Bedale Scouts & Guides

    Actions: To contribute to the provision of scout and guide premises that may also be used for general recreation etc. activities both internally and externally.

    How was the need identified? Bedale and villages community forum as one of the key targets for the continuing development of the town and this is supported by the town council.

    • 2. Other Public Space – North Yorkshire County Council

    Actions: To provide a town centre feature area to the front of the post office, Market Place

    How was the need identified? Identified by the B&VCF as one of the key targets for continuing development of the town and has been supported by the town council

    • 3. Other Public Space

    Actions: To contribute to the provision of a cycle route between Leeming Bar & Bedale

    How was the need identified? Identified by the B&VCF as one of the key targets for continuing development of the town and has been supported by the town council.

    • 4. Bedale Park incorporating play area and skateboard park – Bedale Town Council

    Actions: Installation of new play equipment in the play area to benefit 8-13 year olds.

    How was this need identified? Equipment subject to replacement due to general wear and tear.

    • 5. Floodlit Pitch Development – Hambleton District Council

    Actions: Redevelopment of the floodlit pitch

    How was this need identified? Playing pitch audit with North Yorkshire County Football Association

    • 6. Southfields Public Open Space – Bedale Town Council

    Actions: Drainage of public open space to negate excessive flooding including the children’s play park.

    How was this need identified? Recent experience & feedback from users.

    • 7 Replacement Trees – Bedale Town Council

    Actions: Maintaining and improving tree stock in public areas.

    How was this need identified? Advice from arborist in annual inspection.

    • 8 Adult outdoor fitness equipment – Bedale Town Council

    Actions: Provision of a selection of equipment to benefit adults using Bedale Park

    How was this need identified? Feedback from the community.


    The following points are on the list however there have been no needs identified, they are as follows:


    Bowling green


    Burrill Road Open Space

    Firby road sports area including football pitches

    Golf Course

    Leyburn Road Athletics and Sports including tennis & squash courts, football & cricket pitches

    Public rights of way

    Southfields open space and play area

    Village greens including Wycar, Beck Side etc.


    So tell us what you think in the comments box below………………..

    25th April 2013:


    The Town Council would like to thank the various people who responded to our Bedale Online Blog, for those of you that have mentioned wanting more facilities and provision for the younger people in Bedale we would like to direct you to the services provided via X-Niholo, Bedale High School (Culture Shack) and the Scouts & Guides.  With this in mind the Council has asked Lee Featherstone, the Chair of X-Niholo to provide comments and further information through the Bedale Online site (to follow)



    If you would like to get in touch with the Clture Shack Contact 01609 533334


  3. daffsMothers day is coming up on the 10th March, and its a nice time to spoil our mums and say thank you for being there and doing things for us. As a mum myself I know that the little things are the most precious, so we have compiled a list of things that dont cost the earth to treat mum and show that you care.

    • Spend Time with Your Mum

    Kids become teenagers, who then become adults with our own careers, families, and lives. Somewhere along the way most of us spend much less time with our mothers than we used to. Taking an afternoon, a day, or a few hours to spend with your mother will truly show her how much you care. Here are a few ideas to make it a special occasion:

    • Invite her out for a cup of coffee or tea and catch up
    • Attend church with her
    • Buy a DVD she wants to see and bring over the wine and popcorn
    • Invite her over for a family dinner or for brunch in her honor
    • Offer Your Services to Make her Life Easier

    Is there something that you do that your mother could benefit from (or has hinted she would like help with)? For example, Perhaps Mum needs help with downloading apps or music. Gutters need cleaned, cars need washed, and I’m sure your Mum has a thing or two she would love some help with. Better yet, make her a nice cup of tea and let her relax while you knock a few things off of her to-do list.

    • Make a gift

    Home made gifts are always nice on mothers day, a special picture from a young child, a home made card, a cake, some shortbread are all great ideas for a cheap easy and thoughtful gift. Another thing that I once did for my mother was to make a photo album of all the lovely photos I had of her and me together over the years, It was relatively easy to do and it is something she still treasures today.

    • Buy an inexpensive gift

    Flowers, a plant, a singular cupcake from a fancy bakery (cupcake dreams in Bedale!) or how about putting a lovely photo of the 2 of you in a lovely frame?

    • Take her out for dinner

    Treat mum to a special meal out on Mothers Day, The White Rose Hotel in Leeming Bar 01677 422707 are offering a special mothers day menu for just £10.95 per person (see our front page for more details)The Greyhound Inn at Hackforth are doing a yummy sunday lunch offer along with a free gift for every mother! Make sure you book to be guranteed a table! 01748 813 360.

    Hope you all have a lovely time treating your mums and if you have any ideas you would like to share please post them in the comments box below!

    Here is a picture sent in by Jo Keeling to accompany the message below mothers day