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» Listings for August 2012

  1. Bedale Online is your website, it's for the people of Bedale and it is a platform to allow us to advertise all the wonderful things that Bedale has to offer to tourists and locals. It's a wealth of knowledge, the place to go to find out anything from takeaway menus, to opening hours of local shops, to jobs or inspiration to fill your days.

    We would really like it if more local people would get involved and that is why we are offering you the opportunity to write for Bedale Online.

    We want articles for the blog written by local people. They must be positive and reflective of the respect we have for Bedale and they should be topical. Something that will interest local people, its something you can do as a hobby or maybe you feel strongly about something that is happening in our area and you want to share your views.....

    They can be historical, topical, current affairs or they can be your opinions on amenities or services.

    We are also going to be starting a reviews page, where you can write your reviews on local businesses or services.

    We will pay a small contribution for each completed article, which you can either receive as cash or you can donate it to a local charity.

    So don't hesitate, email us today with your blog topic [email protected]

    We look forwards to hearing from you!