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  1. “But I can get everything I need at Tesco...........................”

    In Bedale we are very lucky as we are surrounded by independent shops, restaurants, takeaways and coffee shops, but how would you feel if all those shops closed down and our high street looked more like this? and they were replaced by one big supermarket?

    Well I for one, would be really sad about that, no longer could I sample the delicacies freshly baked by individual bakeries, browse the handmade gifts & art at the local gallery & I couldn’t get a takeaway on a Friday night unless it came in the form of a ready meal that I needed to microwave and where would I go with my friends at the weekend to enjoy a glass of wine and a dance?

    So although we all love having our independent shops, hand on heart how many of us actually support them? And by this I mean, actually shop for your meat at the butcher, buy your dog food from the pet shop & eat your dinner at the local pub?

    Maybe it’s time we re-think our strategy, yes your local independents may sometimes be slightly more expensive than the big supermarket chains (although not always is that the case!) and yes I’m sure it can, at times be inconvenient going to lots of small shops rather than one big one but, and it’s a big BUT they are right there on your doorstep, opening up every day for you, sourcing out the finest products, from the freshest flowers to the locally produced ingredients to make the perfect scone and they work very hard all hours of the day to make sure that you, the consumer, is treated to something special and a little bit different. Not only that but you don’t need to drive for half an hour to get to them, in fact I bet, you can probably walk to them!

    So why not try out your local shops today, you might be surprised by what you find behind the doors................ A friendly face, a welcoming smile and amazing service, because the independent shops know that by you being there & buying in their shop, you are helping them sustain their business so they will go that extra mile just for you.

    Let’s keep the high street alive. Walk around Bedale, open the doors to the shops that you walk past everyday and take a look inside, if everyone who reads this blog tries out just one new place this week, it would make a real difference to your high street, so give it a go!

    We have some places in Bedale that we would like to recommend you try this week:

    The White Rose Hotel (Leeming Bar) recently refurbished and offering delicious food, a quiz night every Tuesday & live music most weekends, you can check out thier events page here

    The Bridge Gallery Has just reopened its doors following a refurbishment and is now a modern funky space home to some amazing art & offering a cosy coffee shop environment, serving lunches and yummy cakes too! It’s the perfect place to while away a spare hour or 2 chatting with friends or using the free WIFI. You can print a voucher here to try thier delicious coffee for FREE

    The Terrace Bar & Grill in Bedale another recently refurbished establishment in Bedale, offering lunches and dinners along with an extensive wine list. The Terrace also has a quiz night every Thursday with a £50 prize!

    Oscar Pet foods deliver pet food direct to your door so you don’t even have to go out for it! With their friendly advice and service, they are your one stop shop for pet all your pet requirments, read all about them here

    Gary Clarkes Barbers, Bedale, our friends at The Barbers are offering a voucher here especially to Bedale Online visitors. A trendy modern design with young friendly staff, you can trust them to turn you into a new man (or at least cut your hair just the way you like it!) and they even make the experience fun for little ones by having a special racing car chair, guaranteed to keep the little ones happy!

    Look after your local shops and in turn they will be there offering you that little something special for many years to come.

    Let us know your thoughts, have you visited the places we recommend? Are you going to support your local businesses more? Do you already shop local? How would you feel if a big supermarket came and everything in Bedale closed down? Have you tried somewhere new in Bedale lately? What would make you shop more locally?

    We would love to know your views, get in touch today & look out for more recommendations next week!

  2. A fantastic Development Project has been proposed that will create a Community Hub for Bedale and will provide a wide range of local services and a community café all under one roof!

    A steering group has been set up, made up of members of the local community to discuss ways to fill the gaps in service provision that have arisen due to recent cuts from Government within Adult Health and Community Services. The group feel that local people are missing out on vital services and support and are worried about the future; so have come up with an idea to set up a Social Enterprise (non profit organisation) within the local community.

    The group’s aim is to establish a ‘Community Hub’ in Bedale where people can come together to socialise, volunteer and take part in activities in one central place that is modern and inclusive to all.

    As well as creating a number of jobs for local people; with the project being a 'Social Enterprise' non profit organisation, monies raised will be plumbed back into the community and into the centre!

    The centre will encompass a huge variety of services which can be viewed here:

    Bedale Community Development Project - Centre Proposals

    and will be available for older people, families, young people and children alike to be able to gain good quality services and access educational facilities and groups at a reasonable cost.

    The group have already secured a small amount of funding and the next step forward is to collect community feedback to prove to the council that the centre is needed and will be used in the ways intended.

    The Community Development Group are asking local people to please complete their Community Consultation questionnaire in order to gauge public response to the plans and to gather ideas and information about what local people want. The consultation will then form the foundation for their business plan and bids for funding going forwards.

    The consultations are anonymous and available throughout February. You can view and print the Community Consultation here:

    Bedale Community Development Consultation - Questionnaire

    They can be also obtained and returned to collection boxes in:

    •             TIC Bedale Community Hall

    •             Bedale Doctors Surgery

    •             Masham Community Office

    •             Garners Vegetable Shop in Masham

    •             The Hive on RAF Leeming Camp / Celia Thompson

    •             Burneston C of E School

    If you would like to know more about the project, to volunteer your services or to offer funding, you can contact Cllr Carol Clark 0770 2922941 or Elizabeth Todd 01765 688699.

    Let us know your thoughts on the project in our comments section below.

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