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Malton Food Lovers Festival

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Well what a start to the Malton Food Festival, torrential rain! What a disaster, however someone somewhere must have known we were on our way because as soon as we arrived in Malton the rain cleared and it turned into a pleasant day.

My friend Tom and I were booked on to a cookery lesson with Steph Moon (from the Great British Menu) at 12pm in the main cooking tent so we had just enough time to have a quick look around the festival before donning our aprons in front of an audience to take part in a cookery lesson!

The festival really was a sight to behold; the pretty town of Malton was transformed into a hive of activities, rows upon rows of stalls selling delicious tempting treats, ranging from fresh sausages and burgers, to American cookies, stuffed olives, chilli jams and so much more! There was an atmosphere of excitement, a real market and every stall was surrounded by handfuls of people trying to get a glimpse of the sumptuous offerings to be had.

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We even happened across a stall that had live crabs and lobsters to show the children (don’t worry the crabs had their claws tied to make sure they behaved themselves) and the children were fascinated and even adults could be seen having a little stroke of the crabs to say hello!

It soon became time for us to have our cookery lesson, originally we were slightly apprehensive but we had no need to be, we were put at ease immediately by the helpers, we washed our hands, chose a work station and waited to begin, Steph was incredibly friendly and immediately very likable, chatting to all of us, making sure we were able to follow the instructions, we all made a strawberry and Rhubarb Roulade, something I personally had never made before. There was a lot of hard work involved whipping the egg whites to make the meringue base! As the lesson began more and more people joined the tent and soon there was a rather large audience watching us cook. I took my time ensuring I had done everything as instructed, terrified I would mess it up in front of all these people! Im pleased to say my roulade turned out totally perfect, delicious, presented fantastically and we got to take them home too! All this for just £15, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and something I would definitely do again!



We then went to Malton Relish for a pot of tea and some chilli chocolates (yummy!) and then we began the Malton Food Trial (£6 for 2 people, 10 places to visit all offering a little treat in each one) some of the offerings were better than others and the cinema offer wasn’t working which was a little disappointing. However we did get some delicious Thai food to sample, which saved us buying lunch.

In fact we enjoyed the festival so much we went back on Sunday to buy some yummy treats that we hadn’t bought on the Saturday!

A fabulous time was had by all and another brilliant day out in Yorkshire.

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