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Bedale Bypass Update

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Today we have received information on the A684 Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar Bypass which we would like to share with you, the residents of Bedale & surrounding areas.


In 2009 over 4000 leaflets were distributed as part of the public consultation leading to a planning application being made. Over 93% of the responses supported the principal of the bypass.

The scheme was put on hold in 2010 because of government funding constraints. However the government has now offered, subject to some final approvals, to provide a significant proportion of the funding for the bypass so North Yorkshire County Council has made the decision to restart the scheme.

The County Council has recently received planning permission and published statutory orders. Theses are a compulsory purchase order for the land needed to build the bypass and a side roads order which allows changes to be made to existing roads to link the bypass. These are statutory processes which give people the right to make comments about the bypass.

Now you may ask why does Bedale need a Bypass?

Users of the existing A684 which goes through Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar often face problems with traffic congestion, road safety and access to outlying areas - such as the Yorkshire Dales.

The proposed bypass would

  • Reduce traffic congestion in the communities bypassed by the new road
  • Reduce environmental and road safety problems on the approaches to and through Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar.
  • Help the local economy by improving access to Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and communities to the east and west of the A1

 Where will the new road go?

The whole of the bypass will lie to the north of Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar. It consists of two new 7.3km wide stretches of road split by the A1(M) with approximately 2.5Km on the west side and 1.9km to the east.

Street lighting will be provided at the roundabout junctions and their approaches. Storage ponds will control rainwater run off from the road into existing water courses.

(We will provide a map and the new proposed route to follow - BedaleOnline)


What is a compulsory purchase order?

The compulsory purchase order is the means by which the county council can buy the land needed to build the bypass. Whilst the council will always try to negotiate with the land owners to buy the land , they need to make a compulsory purchase order in case they are not able to agree to purchase the land with the land owners.

What is a side roads order?

The side roads order is the means by which the county council gets approval to make changes to the existing roads and other public rights of way to allow them to build the new bypass.

How can I find out more about the proposals?

You can find all information regarding the bypass on the North Yorkshire County Councils website or you can email [email protected]

How can I register my support or objections?

You can send your comments in either support or objection to the compulsory purchase order by post to National transport Casework Team, 2nd Floor, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle Business Area, Newcastle NE4 7YH

What will happen next?

The Compulsory purchase order and the side roads order have now been published for consultation. The closing dates for comments is 11th December 2012. If there are unresolved objections the secretary of state can order a public inquiry into the orders. Following a public inquiry the secretary of state will decide whether to confirm the orders.

If there are no unresolved objections to the orders the county council can ask the secretary of state to confirm the orders. Subject to confirmation the county council will be able to go ahead with the scheme.

If a public inquiry is required it is likely to take place in Spring 2013.

The bypass is hoping to be started in Autumn 2014 and the new road to be open Autumn 2016.


(Information and wording as provided by North Yorkshire County Council)


So what do you think?

As both residents and a business owner in Bedale I would like to say that my personal views are split. I live on the road in question and I have to say at times it is very noisy, dirty and dangerous. I have a front garden that my 2 children under the age of 6 are not allowed to use unless I am with them at all times and I find walking on the path outside my house at times daunting, particularly when a large lorry is coming carrying things like quarry stone. Following a time when I saw a lorry driver on his mobile phone inches away from me and my children it made me think twice about walking into Bedale from where we live in Aiskew and we now use the back foot paths. Therefore as a home owner and a mother I think the bypass will be good.

However as a business owner in Bedale, I know how much all the local businesses rely on passing traffic and if we take this away will our local businesses suffer? Will we still be a market town full of independent thriving shops that are supported only by the locals and a reduced tourist trade? How will places like John Gills Garage and other stop off places cope if they are no longer a point of convenience for motorists? Or could it make it better for the local businesses, making places like Bedale News, Verb, Halls fish & Chips etc more accessible to park and visit as there wont be such heavy traffic congestion on the corner of The White Bear?

Let me know your thoughts below?

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