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Unemployment in North Yorkshire..

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It seems we all know someone nowadays who is out of work and looking for a job. Actually, that’s probably optimistic; I know I can name far more than just one person!

We were talking about our jobs section on BedaleOnline recently and looking at our visitor statistics and got to wondering exactly what the unemployment figures are for North Yorkshire at the moment.

When we looked into it further, we were astonished at the latest figures! In January 2012 according to North Yorkshire County Council, a staggering 10,595 people in North Yorkshire were claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA). Of these people, 35.8% had been claiming for over 6 months, and 17.5% for over 12 months.

And worryingly, that’s 933 more people than last year!

We also found that for every live unfilled job vacancy at Jobcentre Plus offices in January (of which there were 2,058) there was 5.2 JSA claimants for each job. Something JSA applicants may not be too pleased to know.

On our BedaleOnline Twitter page in January we heard from a 16 year old who desperately wanted a job but couldn’t find one anywhere. It was not for want of trying, he had applied for lots of jobs in lots of areas, but unfortunately for him and many others, employers want experience; which a 16 year old fresh out of school cannot usually offer.

Therefore it’s probably not surprising that of the 10,595 people in North Yorkshire claiming JSA, a massive 28.4% of these are aged between 18-24 years old.

I’m pleased to tell you that this particular 16 year old has now managed to find a job via our jobs section on BedaleOnline, based in Bedale and is extremely happy now. He found an employer who was willing to take a chance on him and who was happy to spend the extra time training him up and is now giving him the experience that he needed.

But what of all the other 18-24 year olds throughout North Yorkshire who are struggling to find a job?

We also heard recently of a gentleman aged 55 who had been unemployed for almost 9 months. He had applied for a vast amount of jobs in a variety of skill sectors. He’d even applied to be a ‘Meet and Greeter’ in KFC; something that he was more than qualified to do. When we spoke to him, he said his biggest problem was that he couldn’t get past the online questionnaires. He would apply for jobs and be directed to their Online Applicants Questionnaire, he would then spend on average 15 minutes of his time going through the online process for each job; ticking boxes and answering in some cases deliberately complicated, thought provoking questions. Only to be told as soon as he clicked ‘submit’ that on this occasion he had not been successful. (This was also the case for the ‘Meet and Greeter’ at KFC..)

The gentleman felt disappointed that after answering as honestly as possible that he was unable to get through to the interview stage time and time again. In his words, he told us he simply wanted to meet someone face to face, shake their hand and tell them with enthusiasm why he was perfect for their job, rather than being faced with a lengthy questionnaire that he simply could not answer in the ‘correct’ way.

It seems to the team at BedaleOnline that job seekers are constantly fighting a losing battle. Whether the problem is their age, the fact that there are just too many other job applicants per job and or in lots of cases, struggling to get just get past an online questionnaire to actually speak face to face with someone and put your personality across and show enthusiasm for the job.

We know that there is a huge demand for jobs around Bedale at the moment. We have a very popular jobs section on BedaleOnline that is updated each evening, Monday to Friday with hundreds of local jobs, all within a 15 mile radius. In the past 24 hours alone on BedaleOnline we’ve had 256 page loads throughout our jobs section!

We have had fantastic feedback about our website from job seekers. They have told us that having the jobs in categories makes it much easier to find what they are looking for, and we have even put in an Apprenticeship section to help teenagers and other job seekers who would like to train up or move into different job sectors. We love to receive emails of thanks from local people who have found and applied for jobs via BedaleOnline and we hope that we continue to help local people find local jobs. If you are looking for a local job, you can view our jobs section here: BedaleOnline Jobs

The team at BedaleOnline would be very interested to know your experiences of unemployment in our area. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Are you unemployed and struggling to find a job? Have you finally found a job after much searching, or did you find a job straight away after becoming unemployed?

Please let us know your thoughts on the issue, we’d love to hear them..

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  1. For me having took redundancy 17th Feb 2012 the jobs page has become and is a one stop job shop for Bedale and surrounds. Hope is to ultimately go fully self employed, however, in the interim I must find work for funds as our business builds, thanks for a 'one stop shop'. :-) ------------------------ Thanks for the comment Mark! We're glad you've found our site so useful! BedaleOnline

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