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Bedale Bypass Decision Made

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Council agree to Bypass funding

It has been decided today by council executives that the Bedale, Aiskew, Leeming Bar (BALB) Bypass Scheme will go ahead.

The council have agreed to meet the funding shortfall and press on to the next stage of the development, which could cost anywhere between £6.5M and £23.5M.

Read an update from the Northern Echo on our news section here

You can also read our full blog posted below.

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  1. Gary

    I think the point is that Bedale is not in France I feel the town dose benefit through passing trade having said that there needs to be more done to improve attraction to ensure Bedale keeps a steady trade within town so instead of everyone saying we want it or we don't want it its coming! Some will be good for the town and some won't, but that is up to the traders and community support to ensure Bedale keeps its place on the map as a genuine place to come and visit. Its great to hear other people's views on this it creates some real Ideas which is what Bedale needs for the future and generations to come.

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  2. Andrew

    If Bedale were in France it would have had a Bypass years ago and been better for it

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  3. Lisa

    I don't live in the Bedale area, but frequently travel through the town...surely, an older town like Bedale prospers with the traffic flow it currently has. Also, what does this mean for the rest of the A1 development? Will it all go ahead...

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