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  1. A fantastic Development Project has been proposed that will create a Community Hub for Bedale and will provide a wide range of local services and a community café all under one roof!

    A steering group has been set up, made up of members of the local community to discuss ways to fill the gaps in service provision that have arisen due to recent cuts from Government within Adult Health and Community Services. The group feel that local people are missing out on vital services and support and are worried about the future; so have come up with an idea to set up a Social Enterprise (non profit organisation) within the local community.

    The group’s aim is to establish a ‘Community Hub’ in Bedale where people can come together to socialise, volunteer and take part in activities in one central place that is modern and inclusive to all.

    As well as creating a number of jobs for local people; with the project being a 'Social Enterprise' non profit organisation, monies raised will be plumbed back into the community and into the centre!

    The centre will encompass a huge variety of services which can be viewed here:

    Bedale Community Development Project - Centre Proposals

    and will be available for older people, families, young people and children alike to be able to gain good quality services and access educational facilities and groups at a reasonable cost.

    The group have already secured a small amount of funding and the next step forward is to collect community feedback to prove to the council that the centre is needed and will be used in the ways intended.

    The Community Development Group are asking local people to please complete their Community Consultation questionnaire in order to gauge public response to the plans and to gather ideas and information about what local people want. The consultation will then form the foundation for their business plan and bids for funding going forwards.

    The consultations are anonymous and available throughout February. You can view and print the Community Consultation here:

    Bedale Community Development Consultation - Questionnaire

    They can be also obtained and returned to collection boxes in:

    •             TIC Bedale Community Hall

    •             Bedale Doctors Surgery

    •             Masham Community Office

    •             Garners Vegetable Shop in Masham

    •             The Hive on RAF Leeming Camp / Celia Thompson

    •             Burneston C of E School

    If you would like to know more about the project, to volunteer your services or to offer funding, you can contact Cllr Carol Clark 0770 2922941 or Elizabeth Todd 01765 688699.

    Let us know your thoughts on the project in our comments section below.

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  2. Council agree to Bypass funding

    It has been decided today by council executives that the Bedale, Aiskew, Leeming Bar (BALB) Bypass Scheme will go ahead.

    The council have agreed to meet the funding shortfall and press on to the next stage of the development, which could cost anywhere between £6.5M and £23.5M.

    Read an update from the Northern Echo on our news section here

    You can also read our full blog posted below.

    Are you happy with this decision? Let us know your thoughts..

  3. Decision to be made tomorrow on the cost of the Bedale Bypass

    Last month the Department for Transport (DFT) announced that  it was only pledging £35.9M towards the Bedale, Aiskew, Leeming Bar (BALB) Bypass; 14M less than the council had originally asked for to be paid towards the scheme.

    This new figure has left North Yorkshire County Council with a huge deficit. Depending on the final costs of the scheme, the council could now be forced to pay anywhere between £6.5M and £23.5M.

    Senior members of the council will meet tomorrow (17th January 2012) to decide what is to be done regarding the shortfall. The council will have to make a decision on whether they can afford to cover the cost outstanding or whether they will be forced to abandon the scheme.

    The Bedale, Aiskew, Leeming Bar (BALB) Bypass scheme’s primary objectives are to reduce traffic congestion; reduce environmental and road safety problems in our communities; improve access to Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and from the A1; and boost tourism across the Yorkshire Dales.

    The Bypass will allow traffic to bypass our market town of Bedale and the villages of Leeming Bar and Aiskew, which has an Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) flow of 14,500 vehicles along the A684 around the Leeming Bar area and is the main route between Bedale, Northallerton and the Yorkshire Dales.

    By completing the bypass, it has been stated that 60% of this traffic will be removed from Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar.

    When we looked into the background of the Bedale Bypass consultation, we found out that there was “Very substantial level of support for a bypass”.

    The consultation report released by North Yorkshire County Council in March 2010 states that:

    “Of the 1370 questionnaire respondents, 93.2% (1277) support the principle of a bypass of these communities. Of the remaining 6.8% of respondents, 1.2% (16) were ‘undecided’, leaving 5.6% (77) who were against the proposal.”

    This report would suggest that our community have their hopes set on this Bypass going ahead, to boost tourism and to reduce the vast amount of traffic on our roads.

    Who knows what the council will decide tomorrow after being left with such a shortfall in funding; it’s not a decision we’d like to face!

    We will update our blog as soon as we know the council’s decision. For now, let us know your thoughts on the issue below..

    You can also view the original proposal leaflet for the Bedale Bypass Scheme here:

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  4. Bedale in Winter

     So..... its freezing outside and its January, and all we have to look forwards is a large credit card bill with the after effects of Christmas and the most depressing day of the year, which, by the way if you are interested is on the 23rd January 2012!

    So what can the team here at Bedale Online do to cheer you up? Well, we thought you might like to have a read through all the things that we think might be fun to do this winter, right here on your doorstep in Bedale!

    Just because its winter doesn’t mean you should stay in your house eating stew and watching tv (although that of course is a very comforting option!)

    So here goes.....

  5. The team at BedaleOnline love our market town of Bedale. That's why we started BedaleOnline!
    We happen to think that Bedale has a lot to offer both tourists and residents and that's why we decided to create a comprehensive website to support local businesses and shout about our beautiful town!

    Well now we've launched our 'Beautiful Bedale' Photography Competition to find out what it is that other local people enjoy about Bedale..

    We'd like you to send us a photo that depicts what you love most about Bedale. Entries can be submitted between now and 29th February 2012 and we will show all entries on BedaleOnline.
  6. Wow what a great time we've had in Bedale this December! There's been so many local events to choose from and plenty to fill our weekends, including Carol concerts, fashion shows, Bedale Winter Festival, Bedale's Christmas Window Competition and of course Santa visiting on Christmas Eve!

    Our favourite event this December was Bedale's fantastic Winter Festival! The team at BedaleOnline had a great time visiting the Winter Festival for both the daytime and the evening event and thoroughly enjoyed both occasions!

    The Winter Festival kicked off at 10am and took part throughout the whole day in Bedale Hall. There was everything you could hope for and more; with a Christmas Shopping Fayre featuring local businesses, story-telling in Bedale Library and Santa in his grotto.

    Santa was incredibly popular with the young visitors.. Priced at just £2 per child and with a fantastically decorated grotto, he found himself booked up 3 hours in advance just 1 hour after opening his doors!

    The fun didn't stop there either; with an ice skating rink outside in the car park and fantastic story telling from the wonderfully eccentric Fairy Godmother (pictured below) in Bedale Park, there was plenty to amuse every visitor, both young and old.


    The Winter Festival BBQ Bash in the evening proved to be just as popular. Starting at 7.30pm and running through until midnight, tickets were priced at £20 each and included free ice skating, delicious gourmet burgers from Cockburns Butchers, 1 go on the rodeo bull to try and win a bottle of champagne and a disco.

    The disco and dancing lasted all night in the wonderfully decorated Ball Room of Bedale Hall and topped off a wonderfully organised and executed Winter Festival.

    Congratulations to the Festival organisers, the team at BedaleOnline had a great time promoting the Winter Festival and an even better time attending it and are very much looking forward to the next event!

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