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Beautiful Bedale Competition

‘Beautiful Bedale’  Photography Competition

Throughout January and February we ran a competition to find out what you most loved about our beautiful market town of Bedale and we were overwhelmed by the response we had!

We received 21 fantastic entries, all showing different parts of Bedale and its surrounding areas, taken in  both day and nightime & capturing beautiful scenes in all the different seasons.

After much deliberating by an impartial judge, we are pleased to announce that the winners are as follows!..


1st prize : £100

Comp - David Easton 2

David Easton

 " This photograph was taken early on a Sunday morning in February before the townsfolk of Bedale had woken up the sunrise was soon to arrive and the sky was a beautiful blue colour, the town centre was for once very quiet. "


2nd prize : £50

comp Kathryn Telfer 2

Kathryn Telfer

 "This was taken at Thorpe Perrow, last year. I love the fact that the grounds are open all year round and how each visit is different from the last, with the changing weather and seasons."


And the prize for our most original entry, winning £50 is..

Comp - Lynda Brown

 Lynda Brown

"I have named the photo 'The Heart of Bedale', the inscription saying 'Love is just a word until someone you meet gives it a meaning'. The tree is in Bedale Park opposite the play area and it makes me smile every time I walk past it."


Congratulations to our winners and thank you very much to everyone who took part!

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Here are all of our other fantastic entries:

Competition - Malcolm Young

Mr Malcolm Young

 "My photograph of the main tower of St Gregory's church taken from a more unusual angle. I think it signifies what a wonderful town we have and that sometimes it pays  to look differently at places we take for granted." 

Competition - Emily Birks - aged 13

Emily Birks - aged 13

"Taken on boxing day 2010 this shows how cold it was."

Comp - M. Bloor

Mr Malcolm Bloor

 "Bedale past and present,Bedale has something for everybody, from    the very young to the very old."

Comp - Pauline Irwin

Mrs Pauline Irwin

"This was taken in Bedale  Park on 10/11/11, I love the  autumnal colours the park is wonderful to  walk in and   provides facilities for many local people and visitors.  It   reminds me of the Peter Pan story the house next to the park with the shapes and colours of mature trees."

Comp - Vicki Bradbury

   Vicki Bradbury

" The trees that line the sports field at Bedale High School (no high when I was there) have been there for years and are a landmark for the generations that have attended the school.  No matter which season they stand proud just like all of us that can say 'I live in Bedale!' "

Comp - Josh Giblin

Josh Giblin

"My photo shows most of the high street from the top end      of the town by the church. I took this on Boxing Day 2011,   just before everyone arrived for the hunt which met at the park. My photo shows the style of buildings and the cobbles at either side of the road, and these are the things I most love about Bedale because it gives the town character. You can also see the market cross, which is another thing I love about Bedale. It's the centre of Bedale and most people who visit will notice it, and it's almost a trademark of Bedale and its market town status."

Comp - Lewis Gittins

   Lewis Gittins

"This photo is taken at Thorp Perrow a beautiful woodland garden in Bedale."

Comp - Philip Greasley

Philip Greasley

"Taken at Thorp Perrow while visiting Bedale one weekend last year"

 Comp - Sam Chisholm

Sam Chisholm

" My photo is of back lane in Aiskew Bedale . Taken on a school day when the snow made school work impossible so we all had a day off !!! "

Comp - Lisa Briggs

Lisa Briggs

" This photograph was taken at Thorpe Perrow Arboretum, I love visiting this woodland garden regularly with my family because throughout the changing seasons there is always something different to see."

 Comp - Alex Greenshaw

Alex Greenshaw

" There are few reasons why I took a picture of Belly Buster's leaflet, first of all is to be original, because Bedale is not just a town that is situated in a beautiful part of the country, it is also a place where a lot of people live and for many Belly Buster pizza place is  part of their lives. This is where people go to eat after a night out in town and fireworks display, it is always full! Belly Buster also saved my life many times when there was nothing to eat in the house, and their pizzas are really nice! Yes, a pizza place can't compete with pretty landscape of Bedale, but after a long walk in the countryside you can always finish your day off with a nice pizza! "

Comp - Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

'Bedale on fire' Taken Jan 2012 at             Bedale High School Playing Field.

Comp - Colin Weatherill

Colin Weatherill

" My picture is of Bedale Church on a cold winters night, but what I love about Bedale is the warm welcome you always get. "

Comp - Rachel Dobson

Rachel Dobson

" Taken in January 2011 from a field behind the church. A personal favourite angle of the church, not seen unless you leave the road and in this light it looks like a little like a castle. "

Comp - Iwan Easton - aged 11

Iwan Easton - aged 11

" This photo was taken whilst out walking my dog Theakston on a Wednesday sunset in a field to the south of Bedale looking out towards Firby. I have also sent this picture into Pip on the local ITV weather and has already been shown on tv. "

Comp - Jacqui Palmer

Jacqui Palmer

" This was taken early one morning, on the path between the beck and the sewage works. I like this picture because it shows how beautiful, even the least picturesque of places can be, if you are able to see them in a rosy light.  Bedale, because of the people within it, is a place that allows you to see the world in a rosy light. "

Comp - Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart

" Bedale is a great little market town with a lovely church, unique shops, all the amenities you need, plus some great pubs, but best of all.... the countryside is right on the doorstep.  I was walking through fields along the public footpath between Persimmon and Firby, the field was covered in poppies and I took this photo. "

Comp - Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark

" We live on a farm up at Newton Le Willows and this is a picture of my daughter and our cat Billy looking like they are leaving home. "

Comp - Liam James Draper - aged 6

Liam James Draper, aged 6 & 1/4
"I love Big Sheep as I can walk there and I always meet lots of my friends when I go."
“Did Someone Mention Bacon?!” Boris The Kuhne Kuhne taken at Big Sheep Little Cow 17th July 2010.


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