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Hambleton District Council is starting work on a new Local Plan for the District, which will set the framework for the planning of new developments.

The Local Plan will identify developable land suitable for housing, employment, mixed use and recreation over a 15 year period up to 2035.

One of the first steps in preparing this Plan is to establish what land is available for development within Hambleton District and also to ask local people to identify areas of local green space which they feel are
demonstrably special to their communities and should be protected from new development.

Bedale Town Council has prepared the attached map highlighting areas of local green space that it believes are special to the people of Bedale.

The Council is very keen to hear your views as this plan will affect the way that Bedale grows and changes in the near future.

If you live in Bedale and would like to nominate an area that is not highlighted on the attached map, or you wish to add your voice to the process, then you can do so by contacting Bedale Town Council.

You can do this by letter, phone, email or in person. The Council Office is open Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings 9:30 – 12:30.

There is not much time. Please submit your comments before Monday 31st August 2015 so that the Council may have time to consider them before the deadline in September, set by Hambleton District Council.

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